City of Oakland | Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) Task Force

On August 17, 2018, the City Council passed Resolution No. 87293 C.M.S. calling for an equity impact analysis and public process to advise the creation of a general Community Workforce Agreement (or Project Labor Agreement as it is commonly known) for the City of Oakland. Working together, the Department of Workplace and Employment Standards and the Department of Race and Equity, conducted multiple community sessions on the topic.

Participants in this process raised a range of concerns that touched on needs for pre-apprenticeship program funding, access to entry into trade apprenticeship programs and that result in jobs for Black residents of Oakland, impacts of Community Workforce Agreement’s on small and local non-signatory contractors who are most likely to employ Black workers, adequate staff resources for monitoring and enforcing Community Workforce Agreement workforce provisions and dissatisfaction with the quality and limited amount of trade specific race and gender membership data.

The goal of the CWA Task Force is to address social and racial equity provisions in the development of a Community Workforce Agreement.