Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 6th April 2022, Written Update: Mami reveals the truth

In today’s episode, Mahender asks Vedika how did she support Shashi’s idea to plan Ram’s accident, and she gets shocked. She calls Mani and makes her listen to the whole conversation. She asks Mahender how did he agree to kill his own son-in-law. Mahender tells whatever happened already happened so they shouldn’t be talking about this and he tells her that there’s no proof that he tried to kill Ram. She asks him if Priya won’t send him to jail now. He tells Priya knows everything but he made sure she’ll stay quiet. She gets shocked. 

Ram and Priya are in the room and Adi comes and asks them if they haven’t left yet. Priya asks where and Ram whispers to Adi to shut up as it was supposed to be a surprise. Adi gives the file to Ram and Priya asks what’s that. Adi tells they’re signing authority papers for her and Ram stares at him. Priya tells she was merely only meant to be a partner with a 5% share, that’s all. Ram tells Priya that Shubham is always busy travelling so he doesn’t want any deals to stop and tells Shubham will understand as she’s his wife. Priya signs and goes to tell about Mahender but is interrupted by Adi. 

Meera and Sara come home and Mami tells she called them to reveal that when Priya met with the accident, it was supposed to be Ram as the whole thing was planned. Everyone gets shocked and Mami tells Priya also knows the mastermind behind this. Priya cries and Nandini asks Priya to tell who is it. Meera defends Priya and then Priya says it was Mahender. Everyone gets shocked and Meera tells she’ll get him arrested and cries. Mami tells Priya to cover up the truth and tells the police will also take care. Nandini asks Priya if she was threatened to not reveal the truth.

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