Everything Oregon CB coach Demetrice Martin said after Oregon’s sixth spring practice

This offseason the Oregon Ducks hired Demetrice Martin as the school’s new cornerbacks and defensive passing game coordinator for the football program. After Oregon’s sixth spring practice of 2022 on April 5th, Martin spoke with the media about his decision to leave Colorado for Oregon and his early thoughts on where the Duck defense is at as they usher in a new era of college football.

Here is everything Coach Demetrice Martin said on Tuesday.

Why Oregon? What was the draw to bring you to Oregon?

“Just the opportunity to come here. As we said, we kind of think of this as the SEC on the west. This is my sixth year in the Pac-12, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to get here and coach. The opportunity came and I took it and ran with it.”

Your growth as a coach, where have you seen the biggest gains the last few years?

“Being able to learn from everywhere, from everybody. I’ve been around a lot of good coaches offensively and defensively. Throughout my younger years, just worried about myself. Getting older, take a little bit from everybody, what they do, and add it to my game. Just like the players do, coaches do the same.”