Horror Channel Celebrates a Weekend of Classic Sci-Fi

We are, it is easy to argue, living in a golden age of science fiction film making. Whether you’re talking about the latest cinematic universe blockbuster or glossy straight-to-streaming CGI extravaganzas. And yet, sometimes it’s possible to feel like something’s missing. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a proper sci-fi movie. Something with square-jawed scientists, no-nonsense military men, and bands of plucky teens who know what’s up even if the grown-ups won’t listen. Stories where the threat isn’t a bunch of carefully orchestrated pixels, but a guy in a carefully crafted costume, a model hanging from a piece of string you definitely can’t see, or a stop-motion monstrosity that somehow has more weight than the most impressive CGI you’ve ever seen.

This Easter, Horror Channel is launching a mammoth weekend of sci-fi classics, and the schedule is a real treasure trove of well known movies and hidden classics.

Tune in to the Classic Sci-Fi Weekend on Horror Channel over the Easter Weekend, channel numbers Sky 317 Virgin 149 Freeview 69 and Freesat 138.

These films feature classic special effects, influential iconic plots, and some truly incredible titles.