We like the Atlanta Braves chances in 2022

It’s almost time!  This will be the Atlanta Braves season preview edition of the TomahawkTake podcast, and we’ve got a lot of upside to talk about.

Before we get to the Atlanta Braves, their roster crunch, and our thoughts about how the 2022 season will progress, there’s a bit of unfinished business to take care of from last week.

What’s that, you ask?  While the podcast was posted online and readily available for subscribers, I just realized that I had neglected to post it here for those of you choosing to indulge directly.

So with my apologies, here is that Season 3, Episode 7 podcast from last week:

Back to the Braves Future…

Now let’s fast-forward to this week:  several things to think about…

  • Does the Braves bullpen lose anything of significance with the absence of Luke Jackson (something not covered in the podcast due to the newness of that information)?
  • Who will the Braves cut from the 40-man roster to provide space for Darren O’Day and Phil GosselinAs of today, at least, it may only have to be one name lost and not two.
  • Can Atlanta get off to a better start than they suffered through in 2021?
  • Can they cope with the pitching that they should expect to see in the NL East?  In 2021, those tests may well have prepped the hitters for their playoff run.
  • Will another young pitcher step up to “join” the top 3 this year?
  • Which word can Alan not say properly this week?

Those are the kinds of things we’ll be watching for this season.. well, most of those things.  But before we get there, you can hear our takes on the final roster battles, the expected outcomes of MLB division races, and our World Series picks for 2022.

So without further stalling, let’s get to the links for you to find this week’s podcast discussions with Jake, Fred, and myself:

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As we get started on a new baseball season, let me take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support.  We don’t take such things lightly, and we are honored by all of you who choose to spend the time to listen to our opinions.  Go Braves!