What’s That Golden Valley Construction Project? Scan the QR Code

5:09 PM | Friday, April 1, 2022

The city of Golden Valley is rolling out a new way to keep people informed about construction projects.

Lawn signs with QR codes will be placed at some construction sites around the city. Scanning the QR codes will take people to the city website where they can get information about proposed and upcoming construction projects.

“There is certain statutory requirements about notifying immediate neighbors and so they get letters in the mail,” explained Jason Zimmerman, Golden Valley’s planning manager. “But we often hear from people who aren’t within that radius or are just curious because they’re driving through the community and see something happening and it’s way for them to find out that information and cut back on that extra step of having to call the city, track down a staff person and get their questions answered.”

Golden Valley plans to have the signs at most of its larger construction sites this spring and summer.

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