“The Hotel of the Famous”: what is the nickname that Alex Caniggia gave Nicolás Maiqués

This Wednesday Nicholas Maiques entered as a participant The Hotel of the Famous (eltrece). As part of the staff, the actor had to clean the pool area under the directives of alex caniggia who did not hide his disagreement and slipped that he does not see much future: “I want to see you in a week…”

His entered the reality it was like replacement of Leo Garciawho decided to escape from the hotel in the midst of deep anguish.

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The actor joined in place of Leo García who left the reality show in the midst of deep anguish. (Photo: Instagram /nicolasmaiques)

Surprised with the facilities, Maiques exclaimed: “It’s seriously cute”. There he was greeted by friends and colleagues who welcomed him and they expressed their happiness for the change of air and the incorporation of someone with “good energy”.

However, the emperor did not agree: He thought it was unfair and made it clear that he does not see much of a future for it. However, he did not take long to strike a good wave with the ex Floricienta and Peter Punk. She even gave him a nickname as a joke.

“I’m going to give you a nickname. I made it up,” Alex told him. And at that moment, Nico proposed “goblin”. An option that he did not convince the media, who determined another “alias”. “Elf? Do you look like an elf? an elf! You look like an elf! Elf!” he concluded.

Alex Caniggia gave his opinion on the entry of Nicolás Maiques

Maiques joined The Hotel of the Famous as part of the staff and did not start off on the right foot. The thing is Gabriel Oliveri He remarked that her wardrobe was not appropriate and that she had arrived late: “You can’t go change because we don’t have time. Tomorrow it will improve and it will arrive on time”.

Then they distributed the tasks and Maiques was sent to clean the pool area in the company of Alex who did not hide his discontent. “I can not take it anymore. I don’t want any new partner. What’s this about a new partner? What’s that? A new one is coming, comfortable, one week less, without work, it’s fresh… No, that’s not going, “said the media.

The actor put a lot of effort into his first day as part of the staff, but seeing how detailed he was, Alex pointed out that he doesn’t see much of a future for him in the competition. “I want to see you in a week. Destroyed you’ll be. Shit done… Let’s see if you have physical stamina, it’s the main thing here”, sentenced the Emperor.

Leo García escaped from “The Hotel of the Famous”

After several warnings, Leo Garcia decided to leave The Hotel of the Famous. The cameras portrayed the moment in which she jumped out of bed, put on the fanny pack and went in search of the exit to end her participation in the cycle.

Leo García left “The Hotel of the Famous”. (Photo: capture of eltrece)

His colleagues recognized that it was something they expected, since he repeatedly assured that it was his idea.

pampita, host of the program, commented that there would be a replacement. “She failed to resist. We asked her to stay to say goodbye to you, but she didn’t want to. Leo’s place will be occupied by someone who will enter directly as staff and will have immunityso I hope they treat him very well,” he said.