As petrol, diesel prices soar, Priyanka Gandhi wants BJP govt to share this recipe: ‘What is the method by…’ | Latest News India

As petrol and diesel rates continue to increase, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday called on the government to share the methodology by which fuel prices remain stable during the elections. The Congress general secretary alleged that the fuel and gas prices come to a halt during the election by “phone call”, “mutual consent”, and “orders”.

“As soon as the elections are over, the government starts robbery on the pockets of the people. The BJP government should tell the people what is the method by which the prices of petroleum products do not go up at the time of elections,” Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote on Twitter while sharing the video of a demonstration by Congress MPs at Delhi’s Vijay Chowk against the price rise.

“… And by adopting the same method, should the people be relieved from the rising inflation?” she asked.

On Thursday, the state-owned oil retailers increased the petrol and diesel prices for the ninth time in the last 10 days, taking the overall hike to 6.40 per litre. With the latest revision, petrol is now being sold in Delhi at 101.81 per litre and diesel at 93.01 per litre. Mumbai has the costliest fuel among metro cities, with petrol at 116.72 and diesel at 100.94 per litre.

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also joined the protest at Vijay Chowk as the Lok Sabha member from Wayanad stepped up his attack against the government over the soaring fuel prices.

“In the last 10 days, petrol and diesel price have been increased nine times. We demand that the rising prices should be brought under control. The Congress is holding nationwide protests on this issue today,” Gandhi told reporters.

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