Taking Break from Media for Your Mental Health |

Tara Dively, a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor from Courtyard Counseling, Selinsgrove

Dealing with Pandemic and War Stress

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SUNBURY – Burnt out and overwhelmed is how some people feel about the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tension of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Tara Dively of Selinsgrove, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, joined us on WKOK Sunrise to shine some light on how we can reduce stress and the trauma the world is collectively going through.

“Put down your phone. Social media, take a break, it’s not healthy. Connect with people, talk with a friend. Unplug and connect with other people,” she said.

She tells us that while pandemic stress has decreased, it is not entirely gone. With the ongoing war in the Ukraine, people are feeling burnt out by the constant stream of bad news being forced upon everyone through posts, nonstop news coverage, and social media as a whole, “It creates uncertainty in the way we think, this ‘oh my gosh, what comes next’ mentality.”

Dively says that she does not remember a time that we have all had this level of trauma at once with little to no break. Taking a break from watching the news and putting your phone down to focus on something else could help, but speaking with a mental health professional could also benefit their quality and outlook of life.

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