How this former NFL QB nearly ruined his swing by taking golf lessons

Progress in golf is rarely linear. Two steps forward, one step back is all but certain in the game-improvement journey. One day, the game seems to come easy, while the next, you feel as if you’ve never picked up a club before.

This is a truth no matter how you approach practice. Sometimes, even getting lessons can send your game into a tailspin.

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Jessica Marksbury

That was certainly the case for former NFL QB Brock Osweiler. As he explained on this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar, he’s a golf nut and was eager to improve. So, as any ambitious aspiring golfer should, he booked some golf lessons.

“Long story short, [we’re] switching my grip, getting things to neutral, switching my stance, switching this — and I can understand why,” Osweiler said. “It’s probably how the golf swing is supposed to work. But for me, that’s not my game.”

As soon as Osweiler started implementing the “proper” stance and grip into his swing, things went haywire.

“After taking these lessons, I have hosel rockers going at caddies to the right, I’ve got duck hooks going into the water to the left,” he said. “So, long story short, I have learned that I am a guy that doesn’t need information. I don’t need any of that. I’ve got this funky little feel to the game, and [I’ll] just go play with it.”

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