How 49ers’ Deebo Samuel has made millions in March

General manager John Lynch noted on Feb. 1 that wide receiver Deebo Samuel’s ability to play multiple positions would make for some “interesting dynamics” in offseason contract-extension talks, but he expressed confidence a deal would be reached.

“It’s been budgeted for,” Lynch said.

Nearly two months later, the 49ers need to perform some recalculations because of interesting dynamics that have reset the NFL’s wide-receiver market.

With Samuel, a first-team All-Pro, poised to cash in, two other All-Pro wideouts — Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill — have been traded from cash-crunched teams to employers that have welcomed them with massive contracts.

On March 17, the Packers traded Adams to the Raiders, who signed him to a five-year, $140 million deal. Then on Wednesday, Kansas City dealt Hill to the Dolphins, who handed him a four-year, $120 million extension that made him the league’s highest-paid wideout.

Adams and Hill both surpassed the average annual salary of Arizona’s DeAndre Hopkins ($27.25 million), who had been the NFL’s highest-paid wide receiver. Hopkins had an outlier contract that averaged $7.2 million more annually than the Chargers’ Keenan Allen, who was the league’s second-highest-paid wide receiver.