That Time A This Is Us Actor Kept Eating Nearly Raw Meat For A Scene That May Not Have Aired

As an actor you have to be committed to your craft, and especially when acting with an ensemble — as the talented stars of This Is Us have done for the past six years — the pressure is really on to make sure you’re doing your part in a scene. For Niles Fitch, who plays the teen/young adult version of Randall Pearson on the beloved NBC drama, that commitment apparently led him to continuously gnaw on nearly raw turkey during one of the Thanksgiving episodes — and the scene likely never even aired.

Thanksgiving has always been an important holiday on This Is Us — especially in Season 6 with a huge moment for Mandy Moore’s Rebecca — but one dinner scene during filming earlier in the series set up an inside joke for the cast that became as traditional as Jack Pearson’s pilgrim hat. Hannah Zeile, who plays teen/young adult Kate, explained to Insider that the cast really does eat the food when they’re filming dinner scenes around the table.  But one Thanksgiving, Niles Fitch threw caution (and logic) to the wind, Zeile recalled:

I don’t know why Niles decided one year that he was going to pick up a full turkey leg and just take a huge bite into a turkey leg. It was completely cold, and then it was almost raw inside.