Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Google: Lesson for Other Companies

Former employees sue Alphabet Inc’s Google for racial discrimination against black people

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google this week claiming there has been a pattern of racial discrimination toward minority employees. It is a lesson for many tech giants and other emerging tech companies that racial discrimination is bad for their reputation and should be avoided in order to maintain the dignity of the company.

The lawsuit alleges April Curley, who is Black, joined an entry-level position in Alphabet Inc’s Google, although she held a Master’s degree and five years of experience. Curley’s job focused on increasing the company’s diversity by recruiting potential employees from historically Black colleges and universities. Curley claims that the company’s campaign to generate diversity was actually a public relations move. Instead, she says she experienced discrimination and hostility based on her race.

Ways to Avoid Racial Discrimination and also the mistake made by one of the tech giants like Google


Managing Stress

At present, there are many ways to avoid racial discrimination in a company, managing stress is one way to do so. An organization that has a racism-free environment can appoint employees who have a history of racial discrimination in employment.


Friendly Working Environment

A company must follow the leadership ideology of employment rather than a bossy environment. It will ensure a friendly environment among the employees of the company, and everyone will have freedom of work. It will eventually increase the productivity and employment status of the company. A positive image of an employment firm regarding the rights of employees is essential for its survival.


Keep the conversation going

One of the best ways to avoid racial discrimination is to keep the conversation going. There must be actions to back up your words or else they’ll remain empty promises. Employers can do this by initiating productive and respectful discussions, forming employee resource groups, training on preventing harassment and discrimination, and creating channels where employees feel safe speaking up about racial issues.

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